outdoor elevatorWe received a call from Guatemala City not long ago from a gentleman asking about our Outdoor Elevator.  I know that South America has many products to choose from, some that aren’t even available to us here in the U.S.  I was curious to find out why he would prefer to buy our lift and deal with possible hassles and delays with customs in Guatemala over just purchasing a product from Colombia or even Mexico.

His response was simple.  He owns a marina and knows what it takes to keep metals from corroding.  His reason for wanting our outdoor elevator was the fact that the marine grade aluminum out life is made from would ensure his money was well invested.  He sees it all the time.  Customers buy something and sometimes as soon as 2 weeks later, THE UGLY sets in!!!  After all, who wants rust?  Especially in someting that is meant to keep you safe.

The next step was outlining the process.  He was certain that a factory direct elevator installation was the way to go.  We have installed elevators in homes in several states but logistics is an entire different ball game when dealing with a foreign country.  One of the reasons we accpeted the challenge was the fact that a local builder that built the house would be doing all of the actual prep work for the site.  They agreed to have the pit and electrical work complete and verified before we arrived.  They would also have workers on site ready to make any adaptions that would otherwise slow an elevator installation down.  

elevator install trip in guatemalaFirst of all, Guatemala was not what I expected.  I had many misconceptions but, wow, what a beautiful place!  Once we left Guatemala City, there were beautiful mountains and a range of volcanoes that were breathtaking!  Transportation and lodging in this case was easy because the home owner picked us up and we stayed at his guest house on site.  Our view was quite amazing!

Thankfully, the site was properly prepared, thanks to the excellent work of the local contractor.  The installation went great and we now have another happy customer, in Guatemala!