outdoor elevatorsPlaces like the Outer Banks in North Carolina, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, the Florida Keys and Pensacola Beach in Florida have truly become a hot bed for outdoor elevators or as they are often known as wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts, or beach home lifts.  This is in large part due to FEMA zoning areas as flood zones due to hurricanes and other natural events that cause major flooding in many coastal living areas.

There are some basic needs our clients have.  They need to get themselves, their loved ones (including pets), and things like groceries to an upper level of their home.  There are several options available to make this happen.  A beach lift can get “things” up and down with no problem just as well as a dumbwaiter can.  Neither one of those 2 options are safe enough to transport people.  ASME and several other organizations clearly outline what is deemed safe for people to use.

Our outdoor elevator for homes is what we refer to as a hybrid vertical platform lift and residential elevator.  Not to get overly technical on a post like this but we use a variable frequeny drive and full elevator controller for our products.  Most, if not all other wheelchair lifts use a simple PCB (control board) as the brain of their lift.  We feel that safety and the quality of a ride does not need to diminish just because the required standard is not as strict on outdoor lifts as they are on indoor home  elevators.

Call us directly so we can address some of the other reasons for the safety precautions we take in order to deliver the safest, quietest and smoothest ride in the outdoor elevators.