Many individuals rely on wheelchairs and motorized scooters because of mobility issues. Stairs and inclines to enter the home represent challenges that can become more difficult over time. Instead of enabling access, many people decide to move from their home into a one story home. Wheel chair lifts help overcome those obstacles and improve access when otherwise one would have moved.

Our wheel chair lifts or platform lifts improve the access to your home not just for yourself but for the guests that come to your home. There are safety features that will ensure you and your guests remain safe like obstruction sensors and door locks. Our winding drum gear provides you with a comfortable, smooth  and reliable ride from one level to the next. When not in use, platform lifts are out of the way and can blend in to your home with the proper color choices.

Many homes that have stairs have limited space for access. If you are thinking about installing a ramp system, steep inclines can lead to very complicated ramp assemblies. The best solution to this is a platform lift to provide access into your home. Wheel chair lifts will be the less invasive option and can conform to existing landscapes.

Wheel chair lifts increase the independence and mobility already provided by scooters and wheelchairs. Homes with stairs and ones that are built on stilts can be frustrating, but platform lifts eliminate these obstacles. Any home with multiple floors can be very limiting without a platform lift but wheel chair lifts efficiently overcome those.

PLI offers top of the line wheel chair lifts backed by the industry’s best warranty. We manufacture high quality at affordable prices together with many options for anyone thinking about buying a wheel chair lift. PLI makes every effort to assist those in need of a suitable wheel chair lift to expand their independence and mobility.

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