PLI is pleased to announce some major revisions to our dumbwaiter product line. Below are the highlights:

  • The driving mechanism is now chain drive, continuous loop, with no counterweights.
  • Over the next 30-45 days we will be phasing out the winding drum drive system.
  • Base pricing remains the same.
    • Travel distance upcharges change slightly and have been re-grouped into 10’ increments, up to 51’. Higher travel is possible upon request.
  • Shaft size remains the same.
  • All units are now ETL listed.
  • Now approved for commercial use when properly equipped.
    • (most commercial units will require a gate switch and possibly other options)
  • Larger car size is now available, up to 21 cubic feet and/or 36” high.
    • Larger car size automatically increases capacity to 300lbs.
    • Includes a larger car sling to handle heavy loads.
  • Stainless steel cabs are in development and will be available late November 2018.

Implementing these changes have resulted in:

  • Virtually unlimited travel distance restrictions
  • Reduced gear/system noise
  • A heavy duty, ultra-reliable system at an extremely competitive price
  • Available for commercial use
  • Same simple installation procedure
  • Larger available car sizes