Precision Lift Industries (PLI) manufactures residential elevators and platform lifts, also known as wheelchair lifts (VPL’S).  Our outdoor platform lift meets elevator code and fills a void in the much needed weather resistant applications for residential installations.

Our residential elevator is a lifting device designed to raise an occupant with or without a wheelchair in order to overcome challenges of stairs inside or outside of their home.

The PLI residential elevator can be installed in homes both indoor and outdoor and even meet the code requirements that are laid out by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Our lifts are often installed in homes as an alternative to a stair lift, which only transport a passenger but cannot help them with anything they are traveling with like wheelchairs, mobility scooters or just even everyday items like groceries.

One of the most important bits of information you can provide us with when contacting us for a quote or estimate is the desired location of the installation.  This can be one of the biggest determining factors to pricing a home elevator.  We can provide you with a planning guide so that you are prepared in every way for your lift and give you guidance for you to prepare your home properly.